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New York City
On Weds 26th March 2014 19 students and 2 members of staff departed for a performing arts trip to New York. Students will be involved in performance workshops during their trip.
Non School Uniform Day
The next non-school uniform day is Friday 4th April 2014. This is the last day of the spring term.

Bower Park Academy

Examination results update

In November 2013, 110 Year 11 students sat the English Language GCSE examination. There are 156 students in the year group and the academy judged that the 110 were ready to take the examination.

105 of the 110 achieved grades A*-C. This represents a 95% pass rate for those entered. 95% made the expected progress from Key Stage 2 with 34% making better than expected progress.

When taken out of the whole year group it means that the A*-C pass rate for English this year will be a minimum of 67%. In addition a minimum of 67% will make the expected progress from KS2 and 24% will make more than expected progress in English.

30 students took the GCSE mathematics exam in November. All achieved A*-C grades. These students are now studying an additional GCSE in Statistics.